Trucks ply city roads in the day despite ban

In order to check traffic congestion, the city traffic police are trying to keep the trucks out off the roads from 6AM to 10PM

Bangalore: Even though the city banned the plying of trucks between 6 am and 10 pm two years ago, its business as usual with trucks running smoothly on Bangalore roads.

In order to shorten wait-times at traffic lights and prevent accidents in the city, heavy vehicles were banned from plying in the daytime back in 2015. Also, slow-moving vehicles were banned during peak hours.

“Heavy vehicles entering the city during the restricted hours will be punished severely,” said Sandeep Singh, a traffic policeman in Shivajinagar.

“Bangalore city has around 60 lakh vehicles which clog up the roads. On top of that, another 30,000 heavy vehicles enter the city slowing the traffic down to a crawl,” said Mahadeva Swami, head constable of Cubbon Park Police Station.

B. Dayananda, Commissioner of Transport and Road safety said, “The accident count has seen a sharp spike. Furthermore, people find it hard to commute.”

Raju, a truck driver who transports glass into the city said, “We have to meet tight deadlines. If we fail to deliver the goods on time our contractors refuse to pay us. We are left with no choice.”
Laxman, a driver working in goods transport in the city said, “We’d rather pay fines than lose out on our paycheck.”

This article was published in the softcopy – in house publication of IIJNM. Click here.



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