FIR against car driver who ran over puppy

Mumbai: The Mulund police have filed an FIR against the car driver who ran over a stray puppy and fled the scene. CCTV footage of the area had captured the car owner’s father paying the security guard of a building to dispose of the puppy’s body.

It is not yet known as to who was driving the car.

Last week, Mulund resident Palka Sejpal found that one of the three stray puppies near her building, who were under her care, had gone missing. She later found out that it had been run over by a car. She sought the help of animal rights activist Nirali Koradia, who approached the police.

According to the police, the FIR was registered on Wednesday against the driver of the vehicle, which is registered in the name of Mulund resident Jatin Dhiman. The FIR was registered for rash and negligent driving, and killing or maiming animals under the Indian Penal Code, along with sections of the Motor Vehicles Act and the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act.

CCTV footage had shown the car running over the puppy without any attempt to evade it, and drive away, while the puppy thrashes about in pain before going limp. Ms. Sejpal said, “I later viewed some more footage of the area and saw Dhiman’s father, Jamnadas, paying the security guard of a nearby building. The guard then picked up the puppy and disposed of its body in a dustbin.”

Police sub-inspector Praveen Ghutugade, Mulund police station, said, “We contacted the Dhiman, asking them to appear for inquiries on Thursday, but they are in Delhi. We will make inquiries with them as to who was driving the car after they return. The car will be seized and examined for evidence.”

This article was published in The Hindu. Click here


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