BESCOM fails to provide sufficient power in the city

Power cut in the city, Bangaloreans face the brunt

Bangalore: In different parts of the city, power cuts have become a source of great nuisance. People in the city face power cut at a stretch for almost six hours in a day.

The Bengaluru Electricity Supply Corporation (BESCOM) has said the main reason for power cut is due to a failure in high tension and low tension wire. Other than this sometimes there is a failure in the functioning of the transformer or cuts in power lines.

The report drawn up  by the BESCOM mentions more than 250 places which are daily affected by shortage of electricity.

The Deputy General Manager of BESCOM said, “Last time the power cut occurred in November due to sudden fall in thermal generation.”

Areas like Kothanur JP nagar 8th phase, Gowaravanagar, Nrupatunganagar, Shreyas Colony, Krishna Nagar, Kottanur which faced power cut for one hour due to a fault in the line. In December the Jaynagar areas like Roshan Apprtment, 30th B cross, 8th mian, Tilak nagar are also affected due to burning of the main lead. There was no power cut for at a stretch of nine hours.

HSR division faced power cut at a stretch of 12 hours due to fault in the Low Tension wire. Padmanabhanagar near Kanakpura faced power cut at stretch of two hours due to breakdown in a pole.

Anirban Basu, a resident of Indiranagar said, “After coming back from office, when there is no electricity it becomes very difficult. I cannot do my office work. Whenever I call the BESCOM they say that some technical problem happened and they are working on it.”

K Govindaiaha, Executive Engineer of BESCOM said, “We try to fix the line as soon as possible if it is a problem in the wires but if there is a problem in the
Spur line for Cable fault then average time it takes is six hours to repair it.” He also added due to spur line which is kept open for ABC cable fault was recently seen in HSR division. The power was cut for one hour.”

“Two years back in Vidhana Soudha area the people faced power cut at a stretch of 15 hours. The reason behind the long power cut is 500KVA Transformer was kept open for LT Lead Replacement work.”added Executive engineer of BESCOM.

Earlier Bangalore had faced this problem of not having power supply for at a stretch of 20 days for eight hours a day which had caused a huge problem for the people.

The power cut has not helped Bangaloreans to be happy rather they flooded the twitter with complaints against the BESCOM.

A senior official of BESCOM said, “We are working on that and we will see that electricity is there for 24 hours. We cannot guarantee from when this will be effective.”

Kiran Siyengar, Technical Manager at Flamenco Tech twitted, “We are staying in Bangalore but every day we have power cut, then on what basis are we telling we are exceeding the target and we can export?”

Though we have invertors in our house yet it becomes a problem since sufficient charge is not there due to shortage of power supply in the house.” said Ganesh a resident of JeevanBeema Nagar.

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