Broken-down air filling machines leave motorists disgruntled

The machines have been out of order for a long time. In some, the displays don’t work.

Bangalore: Air filling machines in some fuel stations across the city have been out of order for over a year inconveniencing those looking to fill air.

“The machines haven’t been working for a long time. There are some problems in fixing it; these will be fixed as soon as possible. I have been working here for the past two months I have never seen these air filling machines working,” said Sekhar, an employee at a Hindustan Petroleum fuel station in Koramangla.

Furthermore, the display on the air filing machines has also been out of order. This becomes hard for the driver to know the amount of air filled.

“I once went to fill petrol in Indiranagar, my tyres were low on air. When I wanted to fill air, the machine was working but the display was not working, I refused to fill, but I had no other option but to fill up air in my tyre,” said, Pratyee, who came to the fuel station to fill air at a petrol pump in Indiranagar.

This article was published in the softcopy – in house publication of IIJNM. Click here


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