The place where fishes wait for you

Food is an emotion. The first thing that comes to the mind of a foodie is to explore a variety of cuisine. Though it’s not possible for even a gourmet to taste every single cuisine, he/she can get the recipe to experiment with it.

Love for food knows no barriers in terms of age, knowledge, society or religion. If you get a chance to hang around with a foodie, your culinary knowledge will surely be enriched with addition of scrumptious delicacies. It will also give you the opportunity to unearth more eateries which you might have passed by, but didn’t have a chance to barge into.

The gastronomic rush of a foodie can’t be watered down ever. You can notice his/her love for food even during the saddest of situation. You may come across myriad cuisines from Kashmir to Kanyakumarika and Gujarat to North East, but the common among them will be the food lovers.

Before you get bored with the into, lets come to the point i.e. take some cuisines across India and start from the East. But you may ask, why from the East? Well, as the sun rises from the East, it always auspicious to start from that direction. The only cuisine which strikes your mind if you start from the East –it’s the land of Tagore filled with the aroma of uncountable delicacies—Bengal. People also synonymize Bengal with land of fishes as you get to taste plethora of fish  dishes like Doi Kalta (fish prepared with card), Macher Jhol (light fish soup), Macher Kalia( fish in spicy gravy) and the list goes on. You will find two types of Bengali cuisines – one is of Bangal (people of then East Pakistan/East Bengal who migrated to Kolkata during the freedom movement of Bangladesh in 1971), and Ghoti( the native of Kolkata or West Bengal). East Bengalis have mastered the art of cooking than the Ghotis as the same dish prepared by the two will have completely different in taste. Bangals like more spice in their dishes whereas Ghotis like to sweeten their dishes. In terms of fishes they have their own preferences, a Bangal always falls for Hilsa and you’ll find a Ghoti feasting on prawns like anything.

The City of Joy is also well known for its cheapest street foods. From Puri and Sabji to Masala Muri, Fuchka, rolls and various fries, Kolkata will fill you to the throat with its offering. By shelling out as cheaper as Rs. 10,  you can have a heavy breakfast which sounds as a joke in other parts of the country and the ideal place for getting all these is the oldest and pristine Esplaned (Dharmatala).

Hold your saliva, as I can see it has started dripping. Wipe it fast as people might see this! Jokes apart, you just have to step into Kolkata to satisfy your gastronomic rush and I promise you of a long burp after you finish with each dish here. And don’t forget to keep any digestive pills ready, as you never know which kick, your adoring tummy, is waiting for you with!

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