Shedding some personal choices can make the city traffic healthier

The solution to the nightmarish traffic situation of Bengaluru has been debated over many times and suggestions poured in. Starting from taking Namma Metro to taking app-based taxi services and choosing bicycle, nothing has worked out. Frustrated with the situation, Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy has requested Bengalureans not to buy cars from now on as the Garden City lacks in parking zones.

Starting from Outer Ring Road, KR Puram, Doddanekunde to Silk Board, the commuters’ grudges are mounting day by day. Techies heading to Electronic City have nothing more to add in their list of traffic grievances. Leaving as early as two-three hours is no more safe nowadays as you never know where and for how long you’ll be stuck testing your patience. The traffic condition even becomes pathetic during rains which is synonymous to Bengaluru.

I think using app-based cab is a viable alternative to make the traffic health better as it lessens number of personal vehicles on the road and make the vehicular movement faster.

Although in first phase, the Namma Metro has been able to prove it as a counter to traffic mess and a means to faster transit.

Reports say it has ferried over 12 crore passengers within a years of its commencement. That’s shows how it’s rapidly becoming the first choice of daily commuters and with the completion of its Phase II it will become the sole way of fastest connectivity.

The bicycle sharing option is another way out for covering short distances. People staying within five to ten kms radius of their respective offices can easily make it to their respective destinations without much hassle and tension of finding plausible excuses to avert boss’ ire.

Using e-scooters instead of hitting the roads with hatchback or sedans can keep the vehicular movement going at a certain speed and by this process we can reduce carbon footprints and make the Garden City more breathable.

As part of austerity measures, the Chief Ministers’ call to his ministers not to purchase any cars for official purpose is a welcome move as it will not only save the exchequer a minimum Rs 7 crore as each minister is entitled to purchase a car worth a maximum Rs 21 lakh, but also will free the city roads to make space for more faster transit.

Along with this, enforcement of strict parking law is much needed as most of the important roads often get narrowed by parking in either side making it near impossible for vehicles and pedestrians to move hassle-free and which often compels bikers to ride on pavements making it more risky and fatal for pedestrians.

Although it was not a success for Delhi, the Karnataka government can try it as pilot to see whether it’s helping in decongesting the traffic or not as Bengaluru hasn’t piped Delhi in number of vehicles yet.

In a recently publish report on solutions to the traffic woes on Outer Ring Road in TOI, experts have suggested the government to improve the service roads, which lead to bottlenecks along the entire stretch, creating pileups not only on the road but also in business parks. The report says, “The service roads are made worse by the Ola and Uber cabs parked along them, and the shanties that have come up in front of the business park gates serving food and beverage. ORRCA says it ran a major drive some time ago to remove illegal encroachments with the help of the BBMP and traffic police. The next focus will be on the cabs and there are plans to have a towing vehicle running 24/7.”

So, party its citizens and mostly the government have to chalk out the solutions to this civic woe in Asia’s Silicon Valley. With more number of people pouring in and mushrooming of skyscrapers on the outskirts of the city, commuting has become more challenging with number of vehicles rising in manifold placing Bengaluru the second city with highest number of vehicles next to the Delhi. And, the only solution of a problem is to face it, not escaping it, they say.

 Image via Shutterstock


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